Besides high quality, one of our core values is offering our customers a high level of service. DK Transportbaand is not just a belt supplier, we are always ready to follow-up on our deliveries and promises, and we offer the following services to make sure our customers get the highest yield out of their products and applications.

– Belt installation: when requested we help our customers with removing the old conveyor belt(s) and install our new belt(s). We can assist the (technical) service team or handle the complete replacement of the conveyor belt.

– Conveyor belt evaluation: During an evaluation, we examine your current belt and system, and determine deviancies in the application. Based on our findings, the service and engineering team will report the findings and make possible recommendations to (further) improve your belt and/or system.

– Engineering: Our engineering team is continuously working on designing better conveyor belts and accessories for the industries we serve. Please feel free to contact us for a visit or more information to find out how our engineering department can help you optimize your product and/or application quality!